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Our Proud Heritage

Muskegon Taekwondo has been providing instruction in the martial arts for over 40 years, however, the history of the club, and of the KangDukWon style we teach, goes back much further.

Taekwondo Master: Byung In YoonGreat Grandmaster Byung In Yoon (1920 - 1983) learned Chuan Fa in Manchuria, China in the 1930's. In 1937 he went to Japan to be educated at Nihon University and there trained with Toyama Kanken, the founder of Shudokan. After World War II, Mr. Yoon taught Kwon Bup in Seoul, South Korea until the Korean War, when his older brother took him to North Korea. He was not allowed to return to South Korea after the war and remained in North Korea until his death in 1983.

Great Grandmaster Chul Hee Park (1933 - 2016) began training with Byung In Yoon in Korea in 1946. After Mr. Yoon disappeared during the Korean War, Mr. Park continued to teach Kwon Bup along with Jung Pyo Hong. About 1954, Mr. Park and Mr. Hong founded a new Kwan, which Mr. Park named Kang Duk Won (School of Virtue). Chull He Park passed away on April 4, 2016.


Grandmaster Hwa Chong

Great Grandmaster Hwa Chong (1939 - present) trained under Mr. Park in the mid 1950’s. Through Mr. Park’s correspondence with Mr. Stolberg, Mr. Chong was able to come to the United States in 1967. Mr. Chong was educated at Michigan State University and began teaching taekwondo at the University of Michigan and in the Detroit area. Mr. Chong is a past president of the United States Taekwondo Union and is influential in taekwondo throughout the world. He currently serves as a consultant to the World Taekwondo Federation.

Grandmaster Carl StolbergGrandmaster Carl Stolberg (1941 - 2007) became a student of Mr. Park soon after corresponding with him in 1962. After Mr. Chong came to the United States Mr. Stolberg began training with him. In the 1960’s Mr. Stolberg began teaching taekwondo and taught continuously in Muskegon for more than 40 years. Over the years Mr. Stolberg received national recognition for his contributions to taekwondo. He was an advisor to the Michigan State Taekwondo Association and an advisory member of the Legislative Committee of the World Taekwondo Federation. He passed away April 28, 2007.

Master Scott BakerMaster Scott Baker 

Master Scott Baker is the current head instructor and owner of Muskegon Taekwondo. He began his training in 1988 under Master Carl Stolberg, and earned his 1st Dan black belt in 1990. He continued to train with Master Stolberg until his death in 2007, when Master Baker was appointed head instructor. During that time he earned several state championships in both forms and sparring, and also medaled multiple times at the national level, including a gold in forms at the 2000 Nationals in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Master Baker purchased Muskegon Taekwondo in 2010 moved the club to its new location in October of 2017. “My goal is to continue to provide the quality martial arts instruction that I received from my instructors as we work to preserve the forms and techniques of the Kang Duk Won style.” Master Baker has worked as a resource teacher for the Shelby Public School District for 25 years.

Grandmaster Kim Pyung-Soo 

Since 2015, Master Baker has been training under Grandmaster Kim Pyung-Soo of Houston, Texas.

Grandmaster Kim was born in Seoul, and attended the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) where he received a B.A. in Russian language and literature. He began studying gwonbeop Kong Soo Do at an early age under the guidance of Nam Sok Lee, president of the Chang Moo Kwan Association in Seoul. In November 1994, Kim was promoted to 10th degree black belt by his Senior Grandmaster, Hong Jong-Pyo, Taekwon Kwon Bop, in the Central YMCA, Seoul, establishing Kim as one of the highest ranking taekwondo instructors in the world.

Kim arrived in the United States in January 1968 and has maintained a central school in Houston, Texas since September of that year. In September 1970, he inaugurated his martial arts system entitled Chayon-ryu (Natural Way). He has dedicated his life to preserving the teachings of Byung In-Yoon and the Kang Duk Won style.

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